Mactan House And Lot For Sale

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Are you looking for house and lot in Lapu Lapu City area? Then you are in the right place! We sell almost all of the subdivisions in Mactan, from low cost housing to high end houses. There are also a lot of on-going promos every now and then to choose from, who knows this might be your lucky day!

We are equipped with updated list of pricing and can give you suggestions on the various options you can choose from to finally decide which house and lot and subdivision fits your requirement.

It is tough to look for the right house and lot unit alone that will fit your budget and let us be of help by calling us to make your search easier and let us handle all of that unending search for you.

Lapu Lapu City is a home to many now especially to those looking for a friendly or affordable rate of houses that is also of the best quality materials and stellar designs. Check out our listings below by clicking the link of the subdivision name to show you as well every subdivisions house designs or models to choose from.

Units aren’t always available and you might pick the house that others may interest too. So, reserve a unit now!

Philippines Properties

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Modena Mactan Basak Lapu lapu City

Ajoya Subdivision Cordova Cebu

Aldea del Sol Bankal Lapu lapu City

Andalucia Crest Gabi Cordova


Alegria Palms Uno Gabi Cordova

Anami Homes Basak Sudtunggan Lapu lapu City

Bayswater Mactan

Brookfield Subdvision Basak Lapu lapu City

Camella Homes Cebu

City Homes Mactan Basak Lapu lapu City

CKL Homes Basak Agus Lapu lapu City

Collinwood Subdivision

Costa del Sol Marigondon Lapu lapu City

Mactan Plains Mactan

Pacific Grand Villas Marigondon Lapu lapu City


Modena Mactan – Basak, Lapu-lapu City

A home that is made to boast and stand proud. A comfortably well designed houses of King Properties. The next home you have been in search of for its quality, space, comfort and ease. A home that will last for years to come that you will never say sorry of having to own one. Modena Mactan Subdivision is like no other house and lot package, it is in fact a dream package brought to us by the best architectural design of King [...]

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House For Sale Modena Mactan Adrina House For Sale Modena Mactan Adora


Ajoya Subdivision – Gabi, Cordova

Own a unit and be among the owners of a fun Ajoya community in Cordova, Mactan. Be a witness to a harmonious sweet blend of nature and the modernity of its houses as it narrates in its environment that make this place simply distinct and proudly of a Filipino ingenuity [... ]

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house for sale in mactan house for sale in mactan cebu


Aldea del Sol – Bankal, Lapu-lapu City

Aldea del Sol is another breakthrough project of Filinvest Land, Inc. A very private and serene location that will captivate the hearts of those family or couples in search of an investment or their first home. This is a Spanish Mediterranean inspired homes that is just best for those in the look out of this wonderful [...]

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Aldea del Sol Daphne Aldea del Sol Redwood


Andalucia Crest – Gabi, Cordova

Andalucia Crest is the first ever subdivision designed by MyVan Properties to continue to bring to us the excellent and unique way of living they have been extending with their Condominium units now in your dream abode. With about 141 units that will provide satisfaction, comfort and a healthy yet friendly environment to live [...]

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Andalucia Crest in Gabi Cordova Almeria Andalucia Crest in Gabi Cordova Sevilla


Astele – Buyong, Maribago

A new vacation house and lot units will captivate you as a new addition to Primary Homes list of developed properties. Astele is a sanctuary where the therapeutic breeze of the nearby ocean calms your being. A modern community settled in the vibrant island of [...]

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Astele Mactan Astele Mactan


Alegria Palms Uno – Gabi, Cordova

Alegria Palms a middle type of a subdivision expands of up to 400 vacation houses well designed and has taken inspiration of Italian inspired houses. At the South East part of the island of Mactan and boasting of its abundant marine resource [...]

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Alegria Palms Uno Gabi Cordova Hermoso Grande Alegria Palms Uno Gabi Cordova Hermoso


Anami Homes Mactan – Basak Sudtunggan Lapu-lapu City

This 1.3 hectares development is situated near commercial establishments in Barangay Sudtunggan, Basak Lapu-Lapu City. A couple of minutes drive to Mactan Airport, Mactan Doctors Hospital, Gaisano Grand Mall, Banks, Schools, Resorts as well as other recreational and businesses in Mactan [...]

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Anami Homes Mactan inner units house for sale in mactan Anami Homes Mactan End unit


Bayswater Mactan – Basak Agus, Lapu-lapu City

Bayswater is a bit more than the usual subdivision. It’s a break through to the concept of living, the very first available today in Cebu. With about 800 superbly-designed units, Bayswater is really a life of luxury in a self-contained community located at the cosmopolitan island of Mactan, within the beautiful and peaceful Province of Cebu [...]

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Bayswater Mactan Champaca Bayswater Mactan Sampaguita


Brookfield Subdivision – Basak Sudtunggan, Lapu-lapu City

Brookfield can be found exactly where beaches are in natural landscape. It can be made to attract kindred spirits searching for fellowship. Picture your young ones happily playing along the children across the street. Or picture sharing fun with all the neighbors over barbecue and drinks. We all know it is not actually the collection of fancy houses [...]

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Brookfield Subdivision Hermoso Grande Brookfield Subdivision Hidalgo Royale


Camella Montserrat – Pajac, Lapu-lapu City

Camella Montserrat is a spacious community in Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City. A very convenient place where everything is just minutes away from the subdivision. The houses are made of modern style yet with much comfort and uniqueness. Live in a place where dreams becomes a reality [...]

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Camella Montserrat Elaisa Camella Montserrat Drina


City Homes Mactan – Basak, Lapu-lapu City

City Homes Mactan is another breakthrough developed subdivision by Grand Land of Gaisano Grand Group. Another enticing home is of your reach and is very accessible to hospital, mall, Banks, market, Church, Schools Beaches and is 10-15 minutes away from the airport [...]

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City Homes Mactan Townhouses City Homes Mactan For Sale


CKL Homes – Basak Agus, Lapu-lapu City

A very affordable socialized type of housing open its door to all of us thinking of purchasing or owning your own abode. This is your chance to live in a very simple yet well designed houses of CLS Properties. The houses here are of quality materials and a home you will be proud of having to own one [...]

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CKL Homes 1storey House CKL Homes 2Storey


Collinwood Subdivision – Basak, Lapu-lapu City

Collinwood is the place you will marvel in the way life becomes simply as you wish that it is. Comfortable. Secure. Along with all necessities, conveniences added with some little luxuries attainable. We provide Spanish-inspired houses meant to satisfy you and your family’s very intricate [...]

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Collinwood Subdivision Palacios Grande Collinwood Subdivision Amorsolo Classic


Costa del Sol – Marigondon, Lapu-lapu City

Costa del Sol opens its grand and elegant subdivision to those clients looking for their new abode just minutes away from the beaches and all important establishments. Their small community but very well designed from outside going inside will make you say WOW! Their gorgeous houses will entice you more on how it was conveniently designed and brings about coziness to every home [...]

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Costa del Sol Albeniz Costa del Sol Galia


Mactan Plains – Angasil, Mactan

If you are looking for a homes with extensive design for comfort and elegance this subdivision offers it for you. A combination of swift beauty, pride and lasting investment of a next home that you will surely be proud of owning one. A home near to beaches just 5 minutes away, condominiums, banks, hospital, church, schools and 10 minute away from the [...]

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Mactan Plains Townhouses Mactan Plains Single Detached


Pacific Grand Villas – Marigondon, Lapu-lapu City

Philippines Estates Corporation in their quest of providing a well built abode for families in search of their dream home brings you Pacific Grand Villas. Their community is built with a wide road spacious vicinity and is not crowded. They boost to everyone how they implement privacy among each of their home owners and brings about total satisfaction [...]

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Pacific Grand Villas Estelle Marigondon Pacific Grand Villas Marigondon Patricia


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